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FiveM is now officially open!

Our FiveM Server is now LIVE!


Join the Community-Wide Event this Tuesday 2/5/2019 on TeamSpeak: ts3.thinline-gaming.com

Our FiveM Server is now in full swing of Development! 


Open BETA Starting 1/28/2019

  • Announcements: Thinline Gaming community - FiveM Division Open server week Monday Jan. 28 until Friday Feb. 1 [fivem.thinline-gaming.com] | First Community Meeting Fri. Feb 1 - RSVP on Website Calender, First Leadership meeting Fri. Feb 1 RSVP on Website Calender | FiveM Applications are now open, Visit the support TAB to apply. | Message Stubbz on website forums if you are intrsted in joining the ArmA 3 Gang.
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    Rules & Regulations

    Last Modified: 2019-01-01



  • Foreword:


    Welcome to Thin Line Gaming Community. The community was established on the pillars of rule and order. With that being said this document is to outline the rules that every member of the community is expected to follow. NO ONE is above the “law”; consequences for the violations of the rules will be dealt on a case-by-case basis.  


    Thank you,

    Community Management


  • Community Rules

    [See FiveM rules for official server rules]


    (A) All members have the responsibility to respect one another, their opinions and beliefs without prejudice. 

    (B) TLGB has NO TOLERANCE Stance towards bullying and/or harassment of Anyone. Those found in violation of this may be subject to a Permanent ban from our community and all related servers. 

    (C) No one shall attempt to create an environment that is hostile, intimidating or offensive for any reason relating to age, sex, race, color religion, family status, marital status, place of origin, political belief, sexual orientation and or physical appearance and/or a physical/mental disability. 

    Examples of the violation of this rule can include, but are not limited to the following: 

    Demeaning jokes or “kidding” around that is clearly unwanted and or welcomed

    Racial or ethnic slurs, comments or innuendos

    Demeaning comments about a person(s) ability, physical appearance, or personal situation

    Posting images, photos, cartoons and emails that depict inappropriate or offensive content

    Threatening comments, yelling and or shouting

    Aggressive remarks or comments which may be considered insulting

    Intentional isolation of an individual and or group of individuals due to Subsection C.

    Humiliating initiation practices or rituals – also known as hazing

    Spreading malicious rumors or speaking untruths

    Calling someone derogatory names


  • Code of Conduct:


    Anyone caught in violation of Code of Conduct rules may be suspended from the server until an investigation is completed regarding the situation. Any members that are found to be in violation on more than one instance may receive stage progression to the next level immediately.


    CODE OF CONDUCT is as follows:

    Disclosure of Confidential Information

    Administrators, staff, and all other members are not to disclose information that is shared in the staff area, or in departmentalized meetings. This will be deemed professional misconduct and the offender will receive an administrator stage. If the respective information is released in a public area such as a chat room, communications channel, etc. or to any member that is not permitted to receive sensitive information it can also be deemed as drama. Member information such as IP addresses, names, addresses, or any other form of private information is considered Confidential Information.


    Members are not permitted in any way to disrespect staff or administration, period. Additionally, all members must display a satisfactory level of professionalism to anything that relates to TLGC.

    Private Offices

    All statutes apply in private offices. Channel admin is not to be assigned in any private office and can only be given to the channel owner. Private office rules are determined by the office owner provided they follow all Rules & Regulations. Private offices are a privilege and can be removed from the owner at any time.

    Political Discussions

    At no point, while a member is connected to anything related to TLGC, should that member engage in any discussion regarding politics, or the government of any country that is unwanted or welcomed.

    Moving Power

    Move permissions are a privilege. At no point in time are members to move one other without the expressed consent of the person they are moving. If a member uses moving power out of context, they will be disciplined accordingly.

  • Stages:


    Stages are to be given by staff members or administration for behavior unbecoming of TLGC members including but not limited to violating the community Code of Conduct and Bullying/Harassment Guidelines.

    A total of three stages results in a permanent ban from the community. Staff must explicitly state the reason for the stage, and cite the statute violated in the Code of Conduct or Bullying/Harassment Guidelines.

    Handing down stages should not be a primary form of discipline, rather used for repeat offenses. A report of what happened must also be created by the staff and sent to the Community Management Team immediately.


    Stage Appeals:


    The Community Management Team is tasked with reviewing and correcting stages if it is deemed the stage was given inappropriately. Disputes about stages are to be sent the C.M.T. via email within 7 Days of receiving the Stage. The C.M.T. must review the appeal and any stage given to the member.

    The C.M.T Email is: Managment@ThinLine-Gaming.com