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FiveM is now officially open!

Our FiveM Server is now LIVE!


Join the Community-Wide Event this Tuesday 2/5/2019 on TeamSpeak: ts3.thinline-gaming.com

Our FiveM Server is now in full swing of Development! 


Open BETA Starting 1/28/2019

  • Announcements: Thinline Gaming community - FiveM Division Open server week Monday Jan. 28 until Friday Feb. 1 [fivem.thinline-gaming.com] | First Community Meeting Fri. Feb 1 - RSVP on Website Calender, First Leadership meeting Fri. Feb 1 RSVP on Website Calender | FiveM Applications are now open, Visit the support TAB to apply. | Message Stubbz on website forums if you are intrsted in joining the ArmA 3 Gang.


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  1. Tanner

    Membership Activity Logger

    Patrols must be logged within 48 hours of the date of patrol or they will be voided.
  2. Hello FiveM Community! Effective Today (2/16/2019) TLGC will start using a new membership activity-tracker, this tracker is very simple to use and requires not much effort. After each patrol, you will be required to log your patrol through our website-ticketing system, for the month of February we will only require two (2) patrols to be attended due to us already being half-way through the month, however starting March 1 2019 members will be required to log four (4) patrols within the month to keep their membership status (staff are required to attend ( 8 ) patrols. To log your patrols: Navigate to the "Support" tab on our website and select "tickets" Once the page has loaded, select "new request" and change the department to "Patrol Logger (SASP/SAAD)" and follow the questionnaire. Please title your patrol log [department] name (ex. [Medic] John D. or [State] John D.) At the end of the month, your department's supervisor will look over the activity and mark you down as active. Members who have not meet the requirement for the month will be spoken to individually and a decision of further membership will be made.
  3. Position Title: SAAD Captain Position Type Administrative Required Training: Adv. Paramedic Position Duties: Recruitment Training Member Activity Supervisor in-game SAAD Department Chair Position Summary: As the SAAD Capt. , you will be required to attend a minimum of eight (8) patrols each month. the SAAD Capt is required to attend all monthly membership & Staff meetings, and perform administrative duties which may include: Recruitment, Training, Activity, Supervising, Moderating, and other duties assigned by the FiveM Director As the SAAD Captain, you will be the voice of the SAAD, you may also be assigned duties of creating training, SOPS, and other membership documents. Interested in applying for the position? If you are interested in applying for the SAAD position, Forum message the FiveM director, @Tanner - explain why you should be selected for the position, and previous experience and how your activity will be maintained. There is currently no deadline for applications.
  4. Please R&U, updated SOP to include a new call-out policy. Two priority call-outs can ONLY be done every HOUR.
  5. Good day everyone, Effective February 05 2019 (Community opening day) The SASP SOP has been published. This SOP will be followed and will be enforced by the FiveM Staff team (Corporal+) Please read through the Document thoroughly You can view the SOP here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SQXagU_MpvLeGZ8qUH4tHZJUTvauguyMfMyj4LSvJPs/edit?usp=sharing If you have questions, go up your Chain of command. Please R&U.
  6. Tanner

    TLGC - FiveM Vehicle Sounds

    Version 1.0.1


    FiveM Police Vehicle Sounds, All registered members are REQUIRED to have this mod installed. Simply drag the folders into your main folder of FiveM (FiveM application data) and replace the files required This will over-ride any other vehicle.meta mods you have installed.
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  8. Tanner

    Farming Simulator 19 Mods

    Great map and mod pack!