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FiveM is now officially open!

Our FiveM Server is now LIVE!


Join the Community-Wide Event this Tuesday 2/5/2019 on TeamSpeak: ts3.thinline-gaming.com

Our FiveM Server is now in full swing of Development! 


Open BETA Starting 1/28/2019

  • Announcements: Thinline Gaming community - FiveM Division Open server week Monday Jan. 28 until Friday Feb. 1 [fivem.thinline-gaming.com] | First Community Meeting Fri. Feb 1 - RSVP on Website Calender, First Leadership meeting Fri. Feb 1 RSVP on Website Calender | FiveM Applications are now open, Visit the support TAB to apply. | Message Stubbz on website forums if you are intrsted in joining the ArmA 3 Gang.


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  1. Follow the tutorial to learn how to get a uniform for SASP. First, press M on the keyboard to load "vmenu" navigate down to MP Ped Customization. Once in MP Ped Customization, create a new MALE or FEMALE Character, once done you can navigate around and change skin-tone, facial features and tattoos -- refer to your SOP on the SASP tattoo policy. Once you finish setting up your character, navigate down to the clothing options and set the following values. Mask - 0 Upper Body - 41 lower body - 25 | Press ENTER THREE (3) times to get the proper set of pants. Bags & Parachutes 0 Shoes - 25 Scarves & chains 6 Shirts & Accessories - 38 Body Armor & Accessory - 14 Badges & logos - 0 | ONLY SET TO 11 IF STAFF Shirt Overlay - 118 | SHORT SLEEVE ONLY, LONG SLEEVE IS WIP. Once your body is set up, go back out of the menu by ONE page, and direct yourself to PROPS, set your hat to Hats & Helmets - 13 | TEXTURE 3 (Enter 3 times) Glasses - Select any you like.
  2. Good day, For the next few weeks, TLGC has begun a new Social Media Campaign for our Twitter and other Social Media platforms, this campaign is essentially made to get some new applications rolling in, some photos will be shared here on our website, and on Twitter. Image Guidelines - 1920x1080 HD Photo - Image of Civilian, Police, Paramedic or other jobs. - must have text with something like "Apply Today!" "www.thinline-gaming.com Here is an example: Submit your images below, or on twitter with the hashtag "#TLGC-Media"
  3. Good day, After a discussion between our FiveM Administration team, and Teamspeak development team the following permission guidelines have been created: Administrative Levels Administrator V Assigned to Board Members, and the FiveM Director. Administrator IV Assigned to Community Manager, and senior community advisors. Administrator III Assigned to Community moderator, and department heads. Administrator II Assigned to members in the rank level of Sergeant, Lieutenant or Manager. Administrator I Assigned to Corporals Membership Roles: Member III Assigned to Senior community members, as well as Senior Troopers. Member II Assigned to members of the rank of Community Members, Troopers, and Prob. Troopers Member I Assigned to unapplied members, and Cadets / Trainees. This is the default permission group. These Administrative and Membership levels are assigned not only by your community ranking but as well as the level of trust between you, the member/administrative personnel and the Community Management Team, In the event, there is a player report against you, and you broke a rule, you may lose access to the administrative level/membership level you currently hold. In the event you resign from the community, your permission set will be reset to member 1, regardless of your resigned rank, or time spent within TLGC.
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    All members of the rank Corporal or higher will be expected to attend the community-staff meeting this Friday, Feb. 8, 2019, the time above is the adjusted time according to the timezone you are located in. Failure to attend can result in automatic termination of rank. You will be REQUIRED to mark your attendance PRIOR to this event taking place. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions. If you cannot attend, please forum message FiveM Director @Tanner and Community Management Board Member @Wyatt
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    Board Member Update #4

    Good Evening Everyone, Happy Monday, this last week has been a very busy one for ThinLine Gaming, we have completed our FiveM BETA Week, redesigned our TeamSpeak, and came up with some new ways to help out community out! Here are some of the announcements from the last week: Donations: After some hard work, our team decided to launch donations, donations are obviously awesome, but they are not, and will not ever be required to play on our servers. Donations will get you a shiny TeamSpeak permission, as well as Discord Role. Server Recommendations We have had a lot of members bring up new server ideas for the community, within the next few days our Community Management Team will be creating a Community Server Idea form either on Google Forms or a Support Ticket. @Appo will post this once it is complete. New Permission Sets: Our Community has decided to move from a Member \ Global Administrator system to an 8-tier system, this only affects the permissions/trust level of the community. Administrator V - Board Members Administrator IV - Community Manager Administrator III - Community Moderator Administrator II - Junior Staff Administrator I - Starter Staff Roll @TannerWill post a breakdown on this for FiveM once it is ready. New Community Teamspeak: Over the last few days, TLGC-Development has created a new Teamspeak, with corrected permissions. Join the "need perms" channel to receive your permissions. Members who attempt and succeed with breaking permissions will be punished accordingly in regulation with the policies set out by CMT. First Community Meeting: Our First community-Wide meeting went fairly successful, the recordings will be uploaded here soon, with a reference of notes. FiveM server launch As some of you may know, TLGC was on a BETA Week last week for our FiveM, That BETA is concluded, and we will be launching the server officially tomorrow 2/5/2019, view the discord for more info. Teamspeak Redesign: Below is the new channels added to the TeamSpeak Bar & Grill Open for anyone to be a DJ, only use this channel with Soundboards. Member 2+ Lounge This lounge is for people with a minimum of the Member II Permission set, you can get this permission by joining as FiveM or ArmA 3. New TeamSpeak 3 channel Policy: This policy is mainly directed to the community staff, this will be added to the community policies soon. members in TLGC are not to use their office to hide from other members within the community, or as a gameplay channel. TLGC has provided all members and staff with sufficient channels to play games if you are playing a competitive game, please put DND next to your name in the lounge channel. -- This will conclude this weeks community update, thank you for reading. Wyatt D, Board Member Tanner S, Board Member Bill S, Board Member Jack K, Board Member
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    Board Member Update #3

    This last week has been very eventful here with TLGC, we have made a lot of headway on our FiveM Server, as well as some other new divisions within our community! FiveM Server Update: After a lot of server work from @Tanner we are proud to announce that the server is near a playable stage where everyone can help out with a server BETA, we have quite a few vehicles and such to get fixed but we expect to have an open BETA starting Monday, January 27 2019 and ending Friday, February 01 2019 we are looking forward to this open week! Invite your friends to the community so when we launch we can have a good-sized portion of our community already going Kinda like a kickstart! New Division: ArmA 3 Life! After some deliberation with the Board, we have decided to start working on a new ArmA 3 Altis Life Gang with @Stubbz as the President, he will start selecting new staff for that division soon; If you have questions feel free to email him at Stubbz@thinline-gaming.com, there will be a new section coming to the forums and Discord for this division. Community Discord: Everyone who has joined the community is Required to join our community Discord visit the More tab on Discord to join. Must have Member+ tag or higher on Website to view. Discord Update: Our member+-only discord has had some changes made, for those who have seen it it was truly a... mess... Below I have included the layout for the new Discord. ThinLine Gaming- Community Community-Announcements Service-Status Community-Chat Bot Spam FiveM Division FiveM-Announcements FiveM-Service-Status FiveM-Chat CAD SASP SAAD SAC Reg-Civ RP-Twitter RP-Instagram RP-SASP-MOST-WANTED Arma 3 Division Arma-3-Announcements ArmA-3-Chat Leadership Community-Leadership FiveM-Leadership Moderation-Leadership
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    Board Member Update #2

    Good Day Everyone, Below you can find your Weekly Board Update! FM Server Update: After some debate, the Board Team has decided to scrap the FiveM Essentials Mode Extended (ESX) Server. The ESX Server has provided us with a lot of problems of getting launched. At this time, we have decided to go with a locked down menu based server. We will be working in the background on an ESX Server to get something going. Administrative Partisans of Power: After a meeting with the Community Management team, we have decided to draft up a Partisans of Power document. This document in a way is like a "Constitution" for our Staff Team, Below I have drafted the draft. Jobs of the Board Of Directors: Oversight of the community - Making sure everything is running properly. - Community Management - FM - Servers - Server Development Each respective BM will be in charge of their respective division. Community Management: Oversight of community Development - Recruitment, Member Growth, Community Surveys Etc. Oversight of discipline on servers - Team of Mods that will moderate oversight server discipline Promotions: CMT Can promote as needed, BM's approval for new Managers, and Administrators. Sunset Clause: Every 90 day (3 Months) a confidence vote by Tier 1 members. Voting would be done anonymously on google forms and managed by the moderator/admin. If a majority vote has been reached that respective member will be removed from their position and stratification of rules will grant the ability to reshuffle roles. A reason must be provided for their removal in the document. Membership Tiers: Tier 1: Board Members Community Manager Tier 2: Moderator Staff Members (Sergeants +) Tier 3: Junior Moderator / Jr Staff Members (JRM Corporals) General Membership Final Notes: The Board Team would also like to share with everyone that we have recreated our Minecraft Server, to be on a more "user-friendly" server (better resources, different less heavy mods etc) you can visit the Here for the Minecraft forums. We also have a new GTA V CAD system which you can signup for here.
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    Board Member Update 1

    Good Day Everyone, Here is the weekly update about ThinLine Gaming if you have any questions feel free to post below 🙂 FiveM ESX Server So, after a lot of hard work finding a developer we have finally found one who has been able to get down and into the groove of getting our FiveM ESX server online. Our Developer, Panda, has already spent countless hours getting our server prepared for you all and the public, The server is being built up from the ground that is why it is taking so long. Our Vehicles and other important things have already been installed. The current goal is to have the server on a member only BETA to see how the server is progressing and working out, Our goal is to start it on Monday, Jan. 21 2019 and end it on February 02 2019, the goal from there will be an additional week of bug fixes and such based on your feedback and an official launch for February 10 2019. The CAD (Computer-aided dispatch) System has been purchased, join CAD As soon as you can by following these steps: Go to www.therocketcad.com and create an account, from there navigate to Access CAD, then press "Join Communities" and search Thin Line Gaming Community, after joining the community you will automatically have permissions for Civilian characters (3 max) you will need to submit a ticket on our website Support Page to gain access to SASP, SAAD or SAC. Minecraft Server After some development our Minecraft Server is online, you can join this server by going to the website forums and to the Minecraft Tab. TeamSpeak 3 The Teamspeak is online with no sight of any needed patches upcoming, please check our website for any updates on development. Additional Server Box At the start of Thin Line Gaming we had two (2) server boxes, one for our FiveM/Teamspeak/Minecraft and one for our upcoming Steam Servers (ARK, and RUST) At the time of this posting we will not be continuing with the additional Steam Servers for unexpected reasons, in the future we may explore this route. Recruitment: We will be opening Recruitment effective today (10/01/2019) Feel free to invite your friends to join. Thank you for reading this forum post, feel free to reply with any questions or comments you have! Wyatt, Board Member Wyatt@thinline-gaming.com Tanner, Board Member TannerS@thinline-gaming.com Bill Smith, Board Member BillSmith@thinline-gaming.com Jack, Board Member (On Leave) Jack@thinline-gaming.con
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