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FiveM is now officially open!

Our FiveM Server is now LIVE!


Join the Community-Wide Event this Tuesday 2/5/2019 on TeamSpeak: ts3.thinline-gaming.com

Our FiveM Server is now in full swing of Development! 


Open BETA Starting 1/28/2019

  • Announcements: Thinline Gaming community - FiveM Division Open server week Monday Jan. 28 until Friday Feb. 1 [fivem.thinline-gaming.com] | First Community Meeting Fri. Feb 1 - RSVP on Website Calender, First Leadership meeting Fri. Feb 1 RSVP on Website Calender | FiveM Applications are now open, Visit the support TAB to apply. | Message Stubbz on website forums if you are intrsted in joining the ArmA 3 Gang.
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    FiveM Server Commands

    Created By: Tanner S.

  • In-Game Commands:


    /911 -- Notifies the dispatcher of your 911 call in Discord

    /panic -- Sends the dispatcher of your panic button press in Discord

    /cam -- Give you a news camera

    /mic -- Gives you a microphone=

    /bmic -- Gives you a boom microphone

    /emote [emote name] -- Used to play an emote

    /emotes -- Lists all emotes

    /barrier -- Spawns a police barrier

    /barrier2 -- Spawn a barrier

    /cone -- Spawns a cone

    /ro -- deletes Cones and Barriers

    /handcuff -- Handcuffs AI

    /mimic -- Mimics AI for traffic stop (Behind Car)

    /follow -- Makes AI follow you (In-Front of car)

    /callouts -- Generates AI callouts

    /tow -- Tow a car (Need a tow truck)

    /save -- Saves your vehicle

    /engine -- Toggles your engine

    /lock -- Locks your vehicle

    /fix -- Fixes your vehicle

    /priority -- Starts a priority cooldown

    /inprogress -- States that there is a priority in progress

    /onhold -- States that there is a priority on hold

    /resetpcd -- Cancels a priority timer


    In-Game Key Bindings:


    “X” -- Hands-Up

    “B” -- (In-Car) -- Police Dashcam

    “L” -- Safety Toggle (Carbine Rifle)

    “K” -- Switch Firing Type (Carbine Rifle)

    “B” -- Point Finger

    “E” -- Police Helicopter Camera

    “Y” -- Toggle Handheld Radar

    “E” -- Clock Vehicle With Handheld Radar

    “LCTRL + U” -- PIS Interaction Menu

    “LCTRL + Y” -- PIS Traffic Stop Menu

    “LCTRL + E” -- Callout Interaction Menu

    “E” -- Suspect Comply

    “F5” -- Admin Menu

    “F6” -- Roleplay Toolbox

    “-” -- Left Turn Signal

    “+” -- Right Turn Signal

    “BACKSPACE” -- Hazards

    “Q” -- Police Lights On

    “R” -- Change Siren Tone

    “E” -- Horn

    “ALT” -- Police Siren On

    “UP-ARROW” -- Police Dual Tone Siren On

    “M” -- In-game Trainer